Diesel Pollution
Diesel Pollution



Southern California smog worsens for second straight year despite reduced emissions

For decades, Southern California has waged a slow but successful war on smog. Through vehicle emissions rules, clean-fuel standards and other tough measures, officials have lifted the choking pall of air pollution that once shrouded Los Angeles, bringing clearer skies and healthier lungs.
But now, progress appears to be faltering. Smog has gotten worse for the second straight year, even though emissions are on the decline.

London Adds Charge for Older Diesel Vehicles to Fight Pollution

LONDON — Driving an old diesel car in London has just gotten a lot more expensive.

Starting on Monday, drivers in the center of the British capital whose cars do not meet European Union emissions standards had to pay an additional daily penalty. The change comes amid a Europe-wide backlash against diesel in the wake of a scandal in which several major carmakers, particularly Volkswagen, secretly cut corners on environmental standards.

Use California’s cap-and-trade money to end diesel pollution

California has $1.5 billion available this year to fight climate change, and many billions of dollars more coming in the years ahead, now that lawmakers have extended the state’s cap-and-trade program through 2030. Needless to say, there are plenty of people, groups, businesses and governments that would love to get a piece of the pie.

Daimler to Modify 3 Million Mercedes Cars Over Diesel Concerns

Daimler, the German automaker, said on Tuesday that it would update three million Mercedes cars in Europe to reduce their diesel emissions, an apparent effort to combat a widening inquiry and a public backlash over allegations that it evaded rules controlling vehicle pollutants.

How to survive the worst smog season in years

On hot stagnant days, ozone concentrations pretty much rise as the sun rises and they peak in the early to later afternoon hours. The levels then drop dramatically at night, and the lowest readings are just before sunrise

Diesel pollution may damage the heart

Diesel pollutants can have adverse effects on one’s health, including the worsening of allergic symptoms in people already prone to allergies as well as the onset of new allergic reactions, according to a Health24 article.